Bangers uses Presto to transform their green screens for increased efficiency

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Many users find green screen interfaces cumbersome to use. Learn how Bangers, a sporting goods distributor, used Presto to modernize their green screen warehousing application in only two weeks.

Faced with the challenge of making one of their most essential RPG applications more intuitive for millennial users, Bangers IT director Todd Glassford knew he needed a solution that could leverage existing, proven RPG code to deliver an updated application.

Using Presto, Bangers’ own PRG programmers were able to deliver an updated application that now has:

  • A modern UI accepted by all users
  • Mobile-accessibility
  • Easier point and click navigation
  • Visual display of information with charts and graphs.

Bangers are very happy with the performance of the modernized application.

“Our millennial staff now have the web UI they wanted,” Says Todd.

Read Bangers’ success story here.

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