Capture Plus Imaging Software – iSeries Solution


Advanced edition

This low cost batch (operator unattended) “indexing” program provides

the following features:

  • ODBC connectivity- link indexing data to other databases, accounting systems,etc.
  • Perform barcode reading and splitting of 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Perform Forms Recognition- ability to automatically identify a form and load the appropriate workflow process.
  • Perform Forms Registration- ability to extract data based upon anchor points (not fixed X-Y coordinates)
  • Create Unlimited user-defined indexing variables (sometimes knows as fields, tags, etc)
  • Create user defined dynamic folder structures and file names.
  • Create user defined pull down lists (both one level and hierarchical) (includes a maintenance utility)
  • Capture and index virtually any document type.
  • Perform zone (s) OCR and map result to any variable or use as “key” to a database.
  • Perform full page OCR to create a searchable PDF.
  • Merge (append) PDF files.
  • Publish into many DMS systems including MS SharePoint, ViewWise, DocuShare, etc.
  • Convert TIF to PDF files.
  • Convert PDF to TIF files.
  • Imprinting- print message, date stamp , etc on image.
  • Perform auto-straighten, rotation and de-spec.
  • Perform auto-orientation.
  • Perform multiple methods of automated document splitting.
  • Unlimited user retrieval included using client/server database retrieval tool.

Document Indexing Software – vFiler

vFiler Rapid Indexer is a document indexing software application that will index and file your documents into Windows folders, HighPoint Document Management, KnowledgeTree or any database of your choice. There is no excuse to put your business documents into file cabinets anymore with the affordable and easy to use vFiler Rapid Indexer

Download Slideshow presentation for CAPTURE PLUS
Download Slideshow presentation for ODMS


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