Zend and IBM i

PHP is the most popular scripting language for building web and mobile applications. Zend Server is the leading commercial offering of PHP, and it runs natively on IBM i. Zend Studio, a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE), provides an intuitive application development environment and is fully integrated with IBM DB2 for i.

Tens of thousands of IBM i customers around the world have downloaded Zend’s PHP products for i for a wide variety of web and mobile application development initiatives. As an IBM i customer, you are entitled to Zend Server Basic Edition and one year of Silver Support at no charge. In addition, you can connect to the open source PHP community, which is over 5 million strong. So, you can get started quickly and build production-ready apps with minimal risk and low cost of entry.

IBM, Zend and PHP: an integrated approach

An open and integrated application environment can give you added flexibility and choice in adapting to new challenges and opportunities, while taking advantage of your current investments and assets. Customers who need to deliver data and business logic from their IBM i applications have access to an open source technology that runs natively on IBM i. PHP is an easy, cost-effective and rapid way to deploy Web applications because IBM and Zend Technologies, Inc., have teamed up to provide an integrated and open Web application deployment environment using PHP on IBM i.

PHP is a powerful, open, and easy-to-use Web application environment that has the support of an open source community that is more than 5 million strong and supports more than 240 million applications. It is an open source scripting language that is designed for Web application development and enables very simple scripting. Short for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,” PHP is widely used for content management, customer relationship management, database access, ecommerce, forums, blogs, wikis, and other Web-based applications. Because of the huge developer base, PHP has adapted to deliver key technologies for mobile development, including “Apigility”, which is a prescriptive approach to API enablement.

With its easy-to-use development approach, PHP is a natural fit for IBM i customers and developers offering improved productivity and rapid deployment. Having PHP capabilities for IBM i makes existing PHP-based components and applications available to IBM i customers. PHP applications are easily integrated with data in IBM DB2 for i and business applications written in RPG or COBOL. With millions of PHP developers, IBM i customers have access to a large pool of skilled resources for Web enablement projects.

Why PHP on IBM i

Zend Server for IBM i provides developers with an easy to use, open, and integrated PHP application environment. The IBM i operating system delivers enterprise reliability, security and scalability to PHP applications. It comes with a built-in relational database, security, communication and networking capabilities, online help, Web enablement technologies, easy enterprise management and much more.

Zend Server includes extensions and a toolkit that enables PHP applications to easily access IBM DB2 for i data (via SQL and native database access methods) and take advantage of RPG and COBOL applications. The toolkit includes support for Program call, Procedure call, Data Area, Data Queue, Message Queue, Commands, and System values.

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